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wow this sux

alright everything is going good. track is fun yet i'm really sore. wierd considering bball just ended.. oh thats right we were never in shape for bball. alright so anyway i was talking to rachael (who lately i have been having the most awesome conversations with) and we had a conversation that i knew everything she said was true but i just didn't want to believe it. i didn't want to accept the truth. i was in complete denial. like we have been talking about marsha and it hit me that i like everything about her (at least what i know) except for the drinking. i want her to be someone she's not i guess. like everything is good except for that. she's nice, fun, and obviously beautiful but the only thing holding me back is trhis drinking. and i have been contemplating this for a long time and it pisses me off. the only thing i want to do right now is to go to adrew's concert on fri. (at the pit) and have a good tie there. and then go to sappys on saturday and see what comes out of it. if i don't like what i see (and i don't think i will like it) then i'm done and i'm leaving. and thats that. oh and another thing school sux. its not aht its hard i feel like i'm just overloaded with work. oh and janet i'm praying for ya. i hope everything gets beter real soon.
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