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i dont even know

alright i really have so much to type but so little time so this isnt even gonna have like half the information. alright fri was andrews concert and that was sweet. i finally got o meet this steve kid and i actually have a good reason to hate him now. he's a complete jerk. his freind was cool but steve was a dick. alright sat. i played football at dana's house and wow that was awesome. we had so much mud all over us it was sweet. tackle football and me, showtime, green and his friend gary beat all the football players dana, jeff, milter and ugly appathy. haha. and then me and project and dana had a nerf war. also very fun. alright and then sun we went to pldua for the intermurals thing and then to allsion's to play capture the flag and then we watched the ring. it was a good movie but i was doing to much thinking during the movie. aboiut the movie and about other things like janet which we already talked about. so its all good now. but yeah and monday was real boring i sat at home all day. so yeah all summed up that was my weekend. fun and busy. well gotta go. later
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