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wow embarrasing but awesome

well i had the day start off good and it continued throughtout the whole day. like i gave rachael her present and she was like so shocked. i got her resee's penut butter cups and a picture frame with our picture in it. it also said "RACHAEL AND JOSH" around the edge and it was like decorated a little. thanx to janet for the idea from the one she gave me. and if rachael reads this, i made yours with the utmost love. hehe. so like she took it to her english class and everyone saw it includiong Mrs. Brickman who asked rachael if we were goin out or something. that was kinda of a surprise. i mean i cant do anything nice around here can i. it was funny though lol. so yeah i got all these girls like "awww that was so cute.. blah blah blah" but hey im just that kind of guy. so yeah i heard about that the whole day and then we had our bball banquet tonight and wow. i kinda knew mrs. seskes was gonna say something but she didn't. the cheerleaders brought it up. they got me a present and stuff for being their #1 fan so it was cool. carli said like thank you and all this stuff and i went up to get the present and i wanted to hug her but hey who wouldn't. haha i didnt get too but oh well. so yeah i got a lot of crap from the team and coaches but it was funny. i got a lot of hugs and pictures so hey i can take the abuse if im getting all the attention from the cheerleaders. yeah for me. haha. anyway yeah so the day was sweet. alright gotta get gone. cya leter hopefully.
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