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wow oh wow

i have so much to say but if i put it all in one journal everyone isnt gonna want o read it cuz it would be so long. alright anway kairos was awesome.

ill do one a day and ill satrt of with thursday.
alright we arrived at JRH at like 3:30 and got our bedrooms. i had this giant Jesus on the front of my door, it was so cool. anway i think the first thing we did was go back to the meeting room and listen to Mr. Schwark for a little. but we did some small group stuff but we finally got started with the first witness, Joe Gardner (i hope i spelled his name right, oh well). like his speech was on why are we here? and like everyone was asking themselves this question but like i really payed attention to this because like i truly had no idea why i was there. like at the time i thjought i was ther because of dave. but like i realizzed that i truly didnt know. but like jope became like my new best riend. over a course of a week before kairos we got real close, and kairos juts seemed to help so much more. but i listened to his and it was like wow he had a hard time finding himself and i have the same problem. like my realtionship with God sucks and his witness really helped. joe is a great guy anhe really showed it over the weekend (i know your probably reading this too). anyway yeah so that was awesome. and then Mr. harley talked about creation and nature. it was good and all but here is really only one part thta stuck out in my head and when he talked about the trees. like his anology was about how the trees branches grow up and they are like praising God. it was like the best anology. like we are like that too we pint to heaven and praise God just liek the trees. it was great. and then was mr. boris' and i thought it was really boring but the point he watned to get across was just htat we have our bad and good times but that for every bad thing there is always a good. and then was like mass and small group stuff, and mass was juts awesome. i really got a lot of those samll masses but they helped big time. alright hat was the first day so tomorrow will be all about friday. later guys.

oh and the current mood they didnt have like a lot of tsuff so i chose high cuz im on the kairos high.
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