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its been awhile

alright so its been like a month or so since i've written and i think that this is as good a time as ever to write someithing.

so first things first...hall decorations is looking good but i fear everybody elses im sure they are doin fine but i dont eer see anything and it is like wow its gonna be so bad...i feel all this stress and im not even a senior rep or anything...its yeah tomorrow will be the big day.

alright next thing school sux...i hate english but lucky that damn essay is over so i dont have to worry about it... the only class i liek right now is government.

next is girls... you say one thing to a girl and everything gets screwed anyway like i think me and kristen are gonna start dating or something so that is gonna be awwesome cuz she is like the the best... like we hung out fri and it was ust awesome...even though i got her in trouble for being 3 minutes late but 3 sory but thats a little too strict..anyway shes not mad so thats cool...but i think im really gonna like our relationship..wherever it leads too.

alright next is homecoming... i acnt wait for it to come..its gonna be the best time in the world...i have such an awesome homecoming date but there is trouble in paradise... she thinks i like dont wanna go with her..and i really really we are going to have the most awesomest time and im gonna love every second of it... like i said a couple things(or so people say) that i dont remember and its trned everyhting upside down.. i just ant wait to talk to her cuz i want to tell her everything i have ever known or thought about her and let her know just how much i care about her and how much i love her...she is such an awesome gir land i love her and im so happy to be able to go to homecoming with her... i just cant wait to let her know about everything i have to say...CASSANDRA, I LOVE YOU!!...just wanted to let you know that...
alright everyone peace out
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