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so relaxed

alright its been a long time and there hasnt been a lot going on really. school i think ended well but we'll see when report cards come cuz they havent yet. and me and katie are doing awesome. we were jsut talking and i realy made her smile. im so happy. alright so anyway me and bill were in homeroom the one day and they played josh groban over the P.A. and bill and me recognized it. i didnt know anybody else knew about this guy but of course we knew him trhoiugh our mothers but we both stole the cd of him and i lsiten to it constantly now. its so relxing... now if i only knew italian... haha... anyway thats my life... oh and i officaily hate gerycz and bball... well maybe not bball but i am officailly done putting my ass on the line in practice for f****** nothing in the games... so screw the rest of this year... im not gonna quit cuz i jsut won't do it. i'll finish off the year and im done. alright time to listewn to some more josh groban... peace out
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